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Spanish Classes for Kids

Our specialist Spanish classes designed for kids aged 3-12 will give your little language learners an incredibly fun and enriching experience! We offer beginners and advanced classes, depending on your child’s knowledge and experience, full of songs, games and activities.

Your children will gain the benefit of a second language, voted the most important to learn by the British Council, as well as communication skills, confidence and loads of new friends!


Online Classes

Whether your child is a complete beginner, or already has some understanding of Spanish, our fun and engaging virtual classes mean they can learn vocab, grammar and songs from the comfort of their own home. Our groups are split into ages 3-6, 7-9 and 10-12, and then either dual language (beginner) or immersive for bilingual children, with a range of days and times to choose from to work around school and home life. Why not book a trial to see why our classes are so popular!

Spanish classes for kids

Spanish Classes for Schools

Our Spanish classes for kids are brilliant for schools looking for after school club ideas. We provide everything needed to facilitate implementing this in a school. Your class will gain great native teachers that are CRB vetted, trained, and experienced. We provide a wide array of resources, accessible from school or home, and create a lively learning experience for children. Prepare to truly immerse your little learners in imaginative drama, storytelling, songs and games.

Children having fun at our Spanish classes

Spanish Classes for Nurseries

Stand out from the crowd by treating your little learners with an experience at a Spanish club that keeps on giving. We ensure the learning process is fun, spirited, and sure to engage children from start to finish! Spanish for babies is a lovely way to increase their speech, social development and confidence. In no time, they’ll be running around, singing in Spanish, and blossoming in the most heart-warming ways.

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Find a Club in Your Area

Children of all ages and abilities have fun-packed Spanish lessons in our small groups of Spanish classes for kids. We tailor our service to your needs, from Spanish baby classes in London to Saturday schools. Each child is given the attention they deserve through our immersive approach to teaching. We engage the senses and encourage your children to embrace the Spanish language in a structured and creative way..

Why Choose HeySpanish?

  • Alma Olguin
    It has been a success, my daughter has several weeks taken the class and is very happy with the activities she is doing. I'm so proud and grateful with HeySpanish, because I can see how she improves her level and now I'm surprised with things I didn't know she knew. On the other hand, he's also learning what I wouldn't be able to explain (grammar, reading, writing... ) so it's perfect, I really recommend it for being a very different and fun method.
    Alma Olguin
  • Esther Pons
    Highly recommend them ❤️ My daughter loves her lesson and has learned so much. When she first started she didn’t speak any Spanish, now she is able to communicate with my family in Spain without the need of me translating all the time.
    Esther Pons
  • Patricia Healy
    The online classes are very entertaining and educational. My kids (age 8 and 10) are speaking and writing more in Spanish now.The teachers are excellent and the resources they use are innovative. I definitely recommend the classes.
    Patricia Healy
  • Ana Perez
    My son has been attending the classes for a few weeks and he loves them. They are creative, fun and entertaining but the most important thing is that the kids are learning without realising it. The teacher is really good and keeps the kids engaged throughout the class. He was a bit shy of speaking or reading Spanish but he has improved his confidence a lot. I am really happy to have found these classes and I would recommend them to any parents looking at improving their children’s Spanish.
    Ana Perez
  • Emma Baker - Nursery Manager
    We trialled a few other language sessions but our session with HeySpanish was by far the most engaging and lovely. We decided to go ahead with the lessons and it was a great decision. All the children look forward to their Spanish class and keep singing the songs and saying Spanish words during the week. 100% recommended
    Emma Baker - Nursery Manager
  • Clara Torres - HeySpanish Franchisee
    I started as a tutor and then I made the decision to become a franchisee. I love my job as I can make my own destiny, choose my hours and decide what schools and nurseries I want to target. I can take real ownership of my career. Lucia and Laura have been hugely supportive to me since the start and the lesson plans are fantastic. Being a franchisee provides a fab work life balance.
    Clara Torres - HeySpanish Franchisee
  • Agnieszka Cinari - Parent
    Laura is a great teacher, she always tries to engage all children. It’s quite hard when they are so little. My son is 3.5 years old. Although my son doesn’t say much at a lesson, when he comes home he is able to say what he has learnt. I would recommend HeySpanish .
    Agnieszka Cinari - Parent
  • Roisin Quinn - Parent
    Laura is an excellent teacher, she engages the children well through music and games. Our daughter enjoys the class and regularly sings Spanish songs from the class... would recommend this class
    Roisin Quinn - Parent
  • Clara Perez - Parent
    My daughter really enjoys the Spanish classes. It's an interesting, fun and supportive learning environment. My daughter absolutely loves the song from the after school Spanish club and keeps singing them at home. The teacher is extremely patient, encouraging and truly makes learning enjoyable. This club has definitely helped my daughter gain confidence when speaking in Spanish.
    Clara Perez - Parent
  • Jamilia.K - Parent
    My son attends the after school Spanish club and he absolutely loves it and he is making great progress. Laura is an amazing teacher and truly makes the session enjoyable for kids. I would definitely recommend without hesitation! My daughter will join soon. I wish I could too.
    Jamilia.K - Parent
  • Fatima Bee - Parent
    A great Spanish class with great teachers. My son thoroughly enjoys the lessons. I would highly recommend this after school Spanish club to anyone.
    Fatima Bee - Parent

Our Teachers

We take the utmost pride in having the most dedicated, trained, CRB vetted, and native Spanish speaking teachers. Our team are passionate about teaching children the wonders of learning a language, and include English to enhance communication. Through the HeySpanish way, your little learners don't experience the typical frustrations of learning a new language, and are instead equipped to focus on developing their love for learning. Meet the teachers!

Learning a Language at an Early Age

The younger a child is, the faster and easier they will learn. Learning languages at an early age increases confidence and cognitive development - skills that will benefit them well into their adult years. Read more. We give everyone the opportunity to learn a new language and become part of a thriving, fun-loving community. We would love to help your kids take their first steps towards learning the most important second language for British citizens to learn. The amount of experiences and doors it will open, is endless.

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