11 Tips to Limit your Child’s Screen Time

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11 Tips to Limit your Child’s Screen Time

tips to limit children's screen time

It’s not always easy to occupy children. For many parents, being in a lockdown with children is dreadful and tiring and for valid reasons; kids, especially from a young age need constant attention. Putting your children in front of the TV seems like a perfect opportunity to get a bit peace. But how harmful are screens? Should I limit my child's screen time?

1. How much time should they be spending online?

It’s inevitable; your kids will be spending much more time on technology devices than they should. And you know what? It’s okay. We’re living an unprecedented situation which has started to raise some concerns among the parents community. How much screen time is okay for a child? Scientists are yet to prove the impact of technologies on our health, but big organisations such as the NHS have tried to set some guidelines to help parents in their decisions. Children under 1 year should not touch any screen. Even more surprising, children under 5 should be spending a total of one hour a day using tech devices.

2. Don’t feel guilty about their screen time

After seeing these guidelines, you’re probably panicking internally but I’m here to stop you from doing so. As said before, this isn't a regular situation and therefore it’s okay for them to be consuming more online content. The key to limiting your child's screen time is to find the right balance and to keep a healthy lifestyle. For instance, playing video games isn’t so bad when compared to social media as kids are able to socialise and interact together. It brings a sense of normality to their lives. You can also check out our online classes, they're so fun that your children learn Spanish without realising it!

3. Limit your child's screen time spent on social media

It can be daunting to go online. Everything is fixated on Covid 19. The less children know, the better, you don’t want them to be feeling anxiety about the situation. It’s not just dangerous for your children but also for you, you need to watch out what you’re consuming in front of your children. Don’t watch the news while sharing a meal. Limit social media intake to a few times a day. Scrolling endlessly only makes things worse.

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4. Keep on moving

Keep on moving and make sure your children get their daily physical activity. If you don’t feel confident about your skills, look for help on youtube. P.E with Joe is highly popular among families, he’s trending on Youtube everyday. It doesn’t matter what they do, the most important is to keep them moving around and just spending their energy. Many researches have found a link between tiredness and the lack of physical activity. You heard it, it’s time to get moving!

5. Organise a musical concert at home

Making music together can be a very fun idea for a family evening! Bring all the instruments you got, if you don’t have any, get creative and use glasses, cutlery, anything you got in the house. The quality of the music you’re playing doesn’t matter as long as you’re spending a lovely time all together. Besides, it’s always great to let children express their creativity for their development. This is the kind of moment they will remember years later.

6. Family fitness competition

Creating a family fitness competition is a lovely way to get everyone in the household to participate! Make a fitness plan and make sure there’s a sort of reward or trophee to make your children even more motivated to do it. You could even make it Olympics style if you got some spare time. Check out this link for more creative ideas to do so.

7. Craft projects

A lot of parents dread making craft projects. If you ever been on pinterest you probably know why. They look impossible to make. Making craft projects doesn’t have to be torture. Here’s some rather easy ones that should keep your child happy for a while and make you able to limit your child's screen time for some time.

8. Organise an indoor hunt

Get creative and bring your children on a scavenger hunt! They will absolutely love it. This website has great tips to organise your own hunt so definitely check it out!

9. Practice mindfulness together

Being indoors all day can be highly damaging for mental health. It’s important to practice mindfulness to remain sane. There’s plenty of ways to do so. The main one is to do daily breathing exercises. But not all kids will be keen on that. Baking and gardening also have a therapeutic and soothing effect on our minds. Furthermore, it’s a wonderful way to teach your children very useful skills in a fun way. If you’ve been on social media recently, you probably saw that everyone is making banana bread right now, now you know why!

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10. Stay connected with others

Video calls have become the new norm. It’s so wonderful to be able to talk to anybody you want in any part of the world and counter the distancing rules. These kinds of moments are precious, especially for children. There’s no need to count it as part of their daily screen time. The amount of happiness it will bring them is endless.

11. Stay positive

Remember, we all go through the same thing right now. It doesn’t matter how organised you are, spending 24/7 with your children is hard! Don’t blame yourself for letting them watch more cartoons than they should, you deserve a break sometimes. This is a temporary situation and everything will go back to normal eventually.

I hope these few tips will help you limit your child's screen time. If there's anything you would like to add to add to the list, comment down below and let us know! Don't forget to check out our last blog posts. What blog post would you like to see next?

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