5 Great Nursery Rhymes in Spanish

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5 Great Nursery Rhymes in Spanish

Learn Spanish with Pepe nursery rhymes in spanish

Nursery rhymes are truly important for your child’s development. It’s not just fun and catchy, it allows children to develop an ear for language. By listening to sounds and syllables in words, they are improving their memory as well as their listening, speaking and reading skills. How amazing is that! Nursery rhymes are a great resource to introduce your child to a new language. Today we would like to recommend five fantastic nursery rhymes that are wonderful to teach your child Spanish.

1. La Cucaracha

“La cucaracha, la cucaracha,

ya no puede caminar

no tiene,

porque le falta

las dos patitas de atrás.”

2. La gallina turuleca

“ Yo conozco una vecina

que ha comprado una gallina

me parece una sardina enlatada. “

3. Arroz con leche

“Arroz con leche,

me quiero casar

con una señorita de La Capital

sepa coser que sepa bordar

que sepa abrir la puerta para ir a jugar.

Con ésta sí con ésta no,

con esta señorita me caso yo”

4. La pájaja pinta

“Estaba la pájara pinta

sentada en su verde limón

con el pico recoge la rama

con la rama cortaba la flor.”

5. Adiós

We couldn’t not mention our own nursery rhymes. Our songs were created by a team of experts in early age education. They were made to be educational but also super fun! Children will learn new words without realising it!



Hasta pronto,



Pasadlo muy bien.”

What are your favourite Spanish nursery rhymes?

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