best age for children to learn a language

The Best Age for Children to Learn Languages

We receive lots of questions from parents who are curious about what the best age for children to learn languages is and are worried that 3 […]
Tips to Incorporate Languages at Home

Tips to Incorporate Languages at Home

Incorporating languages at home from a young age has a limitless amount of benefits. From better listening skills to an improved memory, there really aren’t many […]
Summer Activities Tray Play

Summer Activities To Do at Home!

The summer holidays are finally here! Whilst we have already been at home for months, now is finally the time to wind-down, relax and enjoy the […]
Mother and child watching Spanish class

Our Favourite Moments from our Spanish Classes

Here at HeySpanish our motto is ‘Learn Spanish the fun way’ and this blog post is dedicated to some of the best moments our students have […]
Little girl counting

Learn Numbers with these Fun Activities!

Toddlers go through such incredible brain development, more than at any other moment during our lifetime. When it comes to learning, they are like sponges, absorbing […]
Learn Spanish with Pepe nursery rhymes in spanish

5 Great Nursery Rhymes in Spanish

Nursery rhymes are truly important for your child’s development. It’s not just fun and catchy, it allows children to develop an ear for language. By listening […]
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