The Perfect Plan for Your Little Language Learners

To celebrate the launch of our book Learn Spanish with Pepe, we want to offer you these educational resources that your kids will love. You will receive lots of exciting and engaging activities that will make learning Spanish a very enjoyable process.

All the resources were created by our team of preschooler teachers, musicians and Spanish teachers.

Our pack is ideal for children aged 3-6, but fun for the whole family to enjoy!

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What You Will Get

Learn Spanish with Pepe nursery rhymes in spanish

Fun Short Story

Follow Pepe's adventures through this short and easy story narrated in English and Spanish where he loses his voice just before giving a concert with his friends. What will he do? Will he be able to sing?
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Paint by Numbers

Your children will love painting by numbers the cover of our book. You can print it or open it with Paint to colour it directly on your tablet or laptop. We can't wait to see your amazing pieces of art!
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Are you ready to dance? All of our students love this song. You will now be able to dance to it all day long thanks to this fantastic choreography! We can't wait to see your videos.
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This is the perfect activity after listening to our song about the colours. Here your child will learn the colours while matching the different animals with their colours. Print it or fill it up using a tablet or laptop.

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Ready for a challenge? Now your children can help Pepe find his friends using this entertaining labyrinth. You can print it or open it with Paint for them to do it on their tablet or laptop.
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All our little learners love our songs so much that they sing them all day long! Check out our brand new music videos with lyrics in English and Spanish for a better understanding.
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7 Differences

Your children will love finding the 7 differences between these two illustrations. Who doesn't love a challenge? You can print it or open it with Paint for them to do it on their tablet or laptop
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This is the perfect activity for the whole family to have some fun together discovering the amazing illustration behind the puzzle. You will need to print it and cut the different pieces.

Learn Spanish with Pepe

Begin your Bilingual Adventure

Say hola to Pepe!

Pepe is a young parrot that ventures to nursery for the first time and makes new amigos. Follow Pepe’s adventures through a series of short and easy stories in English and Spanish aimed for 2-6year olds.

The stories are beautifully illustrated and come with a vocabulary page. Additionally, every story has its own original song that children won’t stop singing all day long! Our music is easy to access and available on all online music streaming platforms.

Your children will discover the basics such as colours, greetings and numbers in English and Spanish.

This is the perfect opportunity for introducing your little one to a new language, spark their interest and develop their imagination, while learning Spanish!

The book is available for worldwide distribution on Amazon. If you don't live in the UK or in the US you will be able to find the book by its tittle on your Amazon shop.

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Follow the book's journey

For us it's been very important to integrate certain elements to the book that will encourage your child to practise Spanish on their own.

The book will motivate children to want to practise Spanish by:

  • Introducing singing amigos your child can build a connection with.
  • Encouraging your child to be motivated to practise Spanish through songs and stories.
  • Allowing you to join your child’s adventures and have a bonding experience.
  • Including easy to learn vocabulary that will make your child quickly excel.

Good News!

A few weeks ago we told you that we were going to publish our very first book and we still can't believe it. What started being a project to integrate short stories and songs in our lessons to motivate children to practise Spanish outside of our classes, has now become a reality and it's available worldwide to enjoy it from home.

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Thank You for Helping Us Choose a Cover!

Working on this book has been a great journey. We hope you all love it as much as we do. We can't wait to hear your feedback.

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