Our Favourite Moments from our Spanish Classes

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Our Favourite Moments from our Spanish Classes

Mother and child watching Spanish class

Here at HeySpanish our motto is ‘Learn Spanish the fun way’ and this blog post is dedicated to some of the best moments our students have had during their Spanish classes! Our lessons are developed and taught around the importance of ‘fun’; from singing songs, playing games, storytelling to having adventures with our puppet ‘Pepe’, every lesson is guaranteed to bring a smile to our pupils’ faces. To experience and join in on the fun, book a free trial for our online lessons now!

Learning a language from a young age has a multitude of benefits from academic to personal success. By complimenting our lessons with an enjoyable time, we're able to create a community full of enjoyment and support.

1. Manos Arriba !

Whenever Laura puts her hands into the air, our little learners get so excited as they know what's coming! If you can't tell by the video below, 'Manos Arriba' means 'Hands Up! It's so great to see out students get so animated during this activity - just one of the many ways we are able to virtually interact with the children.

2. One of Our First Online Lessons!

This brings up so many memories. With Covid-19 happening, we had to adapt as quickly as possible. We launched our online Spanish classes back in March and it’s been lovely meeting all these new faces. Here’s one of our very first online lessons.

3. Pia and the Eye

Pia has been one of our students since the beginning of our online classes. Like most of our little learners, she’s always participating and progressed so much in such a short amount of time! It’s such a gratifying experience.

4. The Day our Students Received their Copy of our Book!

The reaction to our book launch has been overwhelmingly positive. We were amazed by our community’s support. We received so many pictures of you all holding our book, some students even showed us during the lessons! Thank you for being amazing! Bilingual books are an effective way to teach children a language because they include side-by-side text in both languages for a better understanding. Our book is made of four stories that each comes with an original song. It makes learning Spanish effortless and more enjoyable to a young audience. Click here to learn more.

Student holding our book learning with pepe during spanish classes

5. The Time we’ve Danced the Macarena

Who doesn’t love the Macarena? At HeySpanish, everybody loves it! Here’s our own version of it, carnival style! We learn choreographies quite often during our classes. It’s not just fun, it’s always a very good way to teach them new vocabulary!

6. El Pulpo (con Domenico, Raeya y Angelina)

We use a lot of different tips and tricks to teach children Spanish in a fun and enjoyable way! In this video, Laura is teaching the children about the sea animals. It’s also a great opportunity to teach them numbers and colours! In half an hour, they’re able to learn so much new vocabulary!

7. El Delfín

How cute is this video?! Our student Eva was surprised to find out that the 'scary' puppet was not so scary after all - it was in fact just a dolphin! By introducing new words and phrases to our children in a fun way, they're more able to learn new information. Thanks Eva for such a great video!

8. Our Flower Contest!

Staying at home with children can be quite a challenge. Laura is an amazing teacher and always tries to find new cool activities for children to do at home. One such activity was a flower drawing contest where our little learners were asked to make a colourful rainbow bouquet, with each flower labelled with its colour in Spanish!

We also have loads more free activities for you to try at home, which you can find here. Get ready to have loads of fun!

As always, our students actively participated and below are pictures of what they came up with!

Student with a flower pot
Child holding flowers during spanish classes

Student holding a flower bouquet

9. Qué eres tú?

Our carnival class was amazing. Children love dressing up so we had a fantastic time! Everyone looked fantastic and we had so much fun! We would love to do more themed classes, feel free to suggest new ideas!

10. Behind the Scenes

Here’s what happens behind the camera while we’re filming! Everyone is waiting for their turn to appear on screen. Pepe, especially, loves being on camera and seeing you all!

10. Behind the Scenes

Every lesson that we run is always different and full of surprises, but that is why we love doing them so much. From meeting each other for the first time to dancing the Macarena together, we hope you enjoy our lessons as much as we love teaching them!

We’ve been having so much during our classes and we’re so thankful for your support, especially during these unprecedented times. Thanks to our online Spanish classes, which you can read more about here, you can learn Spanish all summer long!

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