We are so excited to introduce the HeySpanish Reading Club, aimed at language learners aged 7-12. Best of all, if you're a HeySpanish student you can benefit from a special discount when you book for the month!

Why join?
We created the reading club as a fun way for children learning Spanish to enjoy reading in the target language, and to develop their reading, writing and speaking skills overall. They will have the chance to meet their peers from countries all across the world in a secure environment, facilitating a natural and valuable cultural exchange.

Click on the video to see a clip of our reading club in action!

How does it work?
Each month you will receive a brand new, original story of between 3-4 pages, written by HeySpanish. The stories are always suitable and appropriate for their age and ability, but most importantly they are fun, engaging and exclusive to our reading club!

Each story is accompanied by several comprehension-style questions to quiz the children's ability in understanding the story and the language. The club will take place once a month, virtually and safely via Zoom, in groups no bigger than 4 children. This gives everyone the opportunity to answer questions and complete activities related to the month's story!

Due to the fact the club and stories are 100% in Spanish, the club is suited to those on an immersive course of lessons or with a good understanding of Spanish.

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