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Pepe's Magic World

Working on this book has been an amazing experience for us. We learned so much from the process of creating our previous book "Learn Spanish with Pepe" that we knew exactly what we needed to do to improve your child's experience.

The book will motivate children to want to practise Spanish by:

  • Introducing singing amigos your child can build a connection with. We need to thank the children for helping us decide the characters of the book in our lessons. ¡Gracias!

  • Encouraging your child to be motivated to practise Spanish through songs and stories.

  • Allowing you to join your child’s adventures and have a bonding experience.

  • Including easy to learn vocabulary that will make your child quickly excel.

  • Containing fun and interactive activities to reinforce their vocabulary.


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El Mundo Mágico de Pepe (Español) El Mundo Mágico de Pepe (English and Spanish) Learn Spanish with Pepe

Learn Spanish with Pepe


Say hola to Pepe!

Pepe is a young parrot that ventures to nursery for the first time and makes new amigos. Follow Pepe’s adventures through a series of short and easy stories in English and Spanish aimed for 2-6 year olds.

The stories are beautifully illustrated and come with a vocabulary page. Additionally, every story has its own original song that children won’t stop singing all day long! Our music is easy to access and available on all online music streaming platforms.

Your children will discover the basics such as colours, greetings and numbers in English and Spanish.

This is the perfect opportunity for introducing your little one to a new language, spark their interest and develop their imagination, while learning Spanish!

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Reading Club

We even have a reading club for the older children, meeting once a month virtually. The aim of the club is to practise their understanding and literacy skills, whilst also allowing them to meet peers in a safe and secure environment. It's been a big hit so far!

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