Spanish classes for Nurseries

Why Choose HeySpanish for Your Nursery?

Spanish is the Number One Language to Learn

Did you know Spanish is the mother tongue of approximately 350 million people in 21 countries? In fact, the British Council recently ranked Spanish as the most important second language for British citizens to learn, placing it ahead of French, Arabic and Mandarin. Therefore children will be learning at our Spanish classes for nurseries what is a crucial language in today’s world, significantly increasing the amount of job opportunities available when they make that big step into the world of work.

Moreover, the fact that Spanish also happens to be considered one of the easiest languages for a native English speaker to learn, is a (most welcome) happy coincidence! This is in part because English acquired almost 30% of its vocabulary from Latin, which is the derivative of the Spanish language. Above all, considering how monumental Spanish could be for a child’s future, it’s amazing how fun our Spanish classes for nurseries make the process of learning it!

What Happens at Our Classes

We have a little trick here at HeySpanish, where our language learners have so much fun in our Spanish classes for nurseries that they don’t realise they’re actually learning! As a result, before they know it, they’ve been playing with their friends in Spanish and singing along to our songs. By the time they’ve realised how much progress they have made, class is finished and they’re super excited for the next one! In the meantime, they’ll go home and teach their parents to sing in Spanish. Maybe even have some Spanish conversation at the dinner table! This is what our Spanish classes does for kids, because we aim to continually make the learning process as enjoyable as possible. Children learn in small groups through storytelling, lively games and drama. Consequently, there’s no room for boredom - with our bubbly teachers and expertly developed, dynamic activities - children are guaranteed to be engaged in every class.

Spanish Music and Movement for Toddlers

Our Spanish classes for nurseries are jam-packed with an array of educational games, catchy songs, and captivating storytelling; All in a foreign language, so that they learn their second language in the same, interactive way they learned their first. Therefore allowing children to learn Spanish through play, is an ever unfolding gift that can truly set them up for life. In addition, our teachers are fluent linguists with professional teaching qualifications. Furthermore, with them being expertly trained in assessment and behaviour management, there really is no better way to expose your baby to the wonders of language learning!

Qualified, Passionate Teachers

We go to great efforts to select the best CRB vetted teachers who are dynamic and fun, yet fully trained and extensively experienced. They’re all native Spanish speakers, so they are the best people to teach the language!

Musical, Multi Sensory Fun Classes!

Songs are a big part of our classes. Active multi sensory learning for optimal learning & engagement. Fun classes based on academic research and professional experience learnt through storytelling, songs, lively games and drama.

Extensive Resources Provided

We provide all the material and we give the nursery access to our extensive music library. That way, they can continue practise with the children through song, which is a great way for children to learn vocabulary through singing and a great means of interacting.

We Comply with the EYFS Requirements

This way, we make sure that we are supporting children’s cognitive, emotional, social and physical development. Our courses are designed for little children of all ages, from babies up to 5 year-old toddlers.

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Contact us today to arrange a free taster session! Everyone is welcome to join and see how much fun children have in our lessons.

We Want to Give Your Nursery a Unique, High-quality Class that the Children Will Adore and Parents Will Love!

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How We Can Bring Value to Your Nursery

Affiliation With a Reputable Spanish Club

Parents can feel safe in the knowledge that not only are their children being taught life-long skills, but they’ll also be in a safe environment, under the care of a known trustworthy Spanish club staffed with fully trained, insured teachers with DBS checks in place. In addition, we know how tricky it can be for families to juggle the many time pressures that particularly come with having a young family. That’s why we place a great deal of importance on being a source of flexible childcare and therefore clubs are offered AM or PM.

The Lessons Are Closely Linked With the EYFS and We Provide Lesson Plans

We love our children to play, but we also want to make sure they learn and put some of their bubbly energy to some productive look! That’s why our lessons are closely linked with the EYFS, and are always brand new. So it doesn’t matter when you choose to enrol your child, they’ll always be joining at the perfect time where they can receive fresh knowledge.

Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors by Enhancing the Nursery’s Level of Service

Because running a Spanish club does so much for a child’s development and overall future, whilst simultaneously solving the conundrum of childcare; Having HeySpanish as an add-on to your nursery is a great way to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Hassle Free, We Do Everything!

No need to worry about the logistics or the work that goes into arranging Spanish classes for children, as we take care of everything. Tailored services to meet the needs of the nursery. Moreover if the nursery doesn’t have the budget for it, parents can register using our fuss free online booking system.

Benefits of Learning Spanish at an Early Age

Teaching children languages from an early age helps children with their social development, strengthens speech and increases confidence. Every parent wants their baby to be happy, confident, and have the best possible start in life! Helping your child learn a new language is a great way to achieve that, because of how it positively impacts their speech skills and social development. It’s even been proven to generally increase their cognitive development.

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  • Emma Baker - Nursery Manager
    We trialled a few other language sessions but our session with HeySpanish was by far the most engaging and lovely. We decided to go ahead with the lessons and it was a great decision. All the children look forward to their Spanish class and keep singing the songs and saying Spanish words during the week. 100% recommended
    Emma Baker - Nursery Manager
  • - HeySpanish Franchisee
    I started as a tutor and then I made the decision to become a franchisee. I love my job as I can make my own destiny, choose my hours and decide what schools and nurseries I want to target. I can take real ownership of my career. Lucia and Laura have been hugely supportive to me since the start and the lesson plans are fantastic. Being a franchisee provides a fab work life balance.
    - HeySpanish Franchisee
  • Agnieszka Cinari - Parent
    Laura is a great teacher, she always tries to engage all children. It’s quite hard when they are so little. My son is 3.5 years old. Although my son doesn’t say much at a lesson, when he comes home he is able to say what he has learnt. I would recommend HeySpanish .
    Agnieszka Cinari - Parent
  • Roisin Quinn - Parent
    Laura is an excellent teacher, she engages the children well through music and games. Our daughter enjoys the class and regularly sings Spanish songs from the class... would recommend this class
    Roisin Quinn - Parent
  • - Clara Perez
    My daughter really enjoys the Spanish classes. It's an interesting, fun and supportive learning environment. My daughter absolutely loves the song from the after school Spanish club and keeps singing them at home. The teacher is extremely patient, encouraging and truly makes learning enjoyable. This club has definitely helped my daughter gain confidence when speaking in Spanish.
    - Clara Perez
  • - Jamilia.K
    My son attends the after school Spanish club and he absolutely loves it and he is making great progress. Laura is an amazing teacher and truly makes the session enjoyable for kids. I would definitely recommend without hesitation! My daughter will join soon. I wish I could too.
    - Jamilia.K
  • - Fatima Bee
    A great Spanish class with great teachers. My son thoroughly enjoys the lessons. I would highly recommend this after school Spanish club to anyone.
    - Fatima Bee

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