Spanish clubs for Schools

Why Choose a HeySpanish Club for Your School?

CRB Vetted Spanish Teachers

We go to great efforts to select the best CRB vetted teachers who are dynamic and fun, yet fully trained and extensively experienced. They’re all native Spanish speakers, so they are the best people to teach the language! Our Spanish after school club places importance on having a truly bilingual approach, so our teachers also use English to enhance communication and understanding. This means that our students can avoid the typical frustrations of learning a new language. Instead, they can simply focus on being happy learners developing a love of language-learning.

Spanish clubs for schools

Children having fun at our Spanish classes

Our Teaching Method

With all our Spanish lessons being learnt through storytelling, songs, lively games and drama; these Spanish after school clubs are sure to be a great time for the kids (and a productive use of their energy)! This approach is highly effective as it keeps children engaged while developing their interest to learn a new language. Pupils quickly learn to express themselves in Spanish with fluency, confidence, and their own little flair. Music plays such a big part in our classes, because it’s a great way for children to learn new vocabulary while singing. This is why we love to involve a variety of interactive and sensory activities in our Spanish clubs for schools; from games that stimulates their minds, to songs that gets them smiling with glee. In fact, parents regularly tell us that their children can’t help but sing the songs from our after school club at home. Parents have access to our youtube videos, so expect to be singing along with your kids, too!

We Follow the National Curriculum

Whether your child is joining at the start of a new term or right in the middle, HeySpanish makes every lesson a brand new one for each student. We aim to keep our Spanish after school clubs in London progressive and fresh. We always teach something new, whilst enabling children to iterate on prior knowledge. That way, no matter when a new Spanish superstar-in-the-making joins, there’ll be no boring repetition, but always something new and exciting to learn. HeySpanish language club’s priority is that children enjoy every step of the way to becoming fluent in Spanish. So, if you’ve been racking your brains wondering: “Where on earth is there a good kids club near me?” We’re confident enough to put our hands up and say “Here we are!”

Kids having fun at our affordable after school clubs

kids at our after school club

Hassle Free

After school clubs are the number 1 choice in the UK for families wanting to enrol their children in a language learning programme. It’s for this reason that we ensure children love our Spanish clubs, and that we make the enrolment process as easy as possible for both the school and parents. We can provide breakfast, lunch, and after school clubs. Our sessions cater for Early Years, KS1 and KS2. Generally, lunch clubs last for 30 minutes and after school clubs 45 minutes. It can sometimes be hard for working parents to find good childcare options for their children. By offering extra-curricular classes, HeySpanish also provides a safe childcare option that could help many families whose children attend our clubs. We can also provide Curriculum-time sessions to meet your PPA needs. Would you like to know how it works?

Taster Session

We arrange a free trial for the school. Everyone is welcome to join and see how much fun children have in our lessons.

Sign In

The school sends a link to the parents that enables them to register their interest in joining our Spanish club.


We send the enrolment form to the parents that registered their interest so that they can enrol their children on our Spanish club using our hassle free booking system.

Meeting your Needs

We make sure that the needs of the school, parents and children are met at our Spanish club.


Parents regularly tell us that their children can’t help but sing the songs from our after school club at home. Parents have access to our songs and videos, so expect to be singing along with your kids, too!

Benefits of Learning Spanish at an Early Age

Children Learn Faster and Easier

Because the language centre of their little minds are beginning to bud, this is the perfect time to introduce the Spanish language as they’ll actually be able to learn it much quicker and with ease. The fact that Spanish also happens to be considered one of the easiest languages for a native English speaker to learn, is a (most welcome) happy coincidence! This is in part because English acquired almost 30% of its vocabulary from Latin (which is the derivative of the Spanish language). Considering how monumental Spanish could be for a child’s future.

Increases their Confidence and Overall Cognitive Development

Empowering your child with a new language, is a great way to boost their confidence! It also increases their overall cognitive development, which will make them mighty little academics in the classroom!

Gives Them a New Way of Seeing the World

Learning a new language will improve their problem solving skills, and flourish their creativity as it will force them to say things in a different way. For example when describing accidental events, English speakers tend to emphasize the agent (‘I fired the gun’) more than Spanish speakers who prefer to omit the agent (‘the gun went off’).

Develops Positive Attitude Towards Languages and Other Cultures.

It piques a child’s natural inclination to curiosity, with a whole new world of culture. Because they’ll be learning such timely lessons around communication and respect for different cultures, they develop an appreciation and positive attitude towards their global buddies and the languages they speak.

Sets a Strong Foundation for Their Approach to Languages Throughout Their Education and Their Lives in General.

This is a pivotal time to get children involved in languages! Setting a strong foundation for their language learning now, will continue to support them throughout their education and their lives in general.

Children Have Fewer Inhibitions at an Early Age

One superpower children have, is being able to try out new things without fear of embarrassment! Because they have less inhibitions at this age, they happily show off their new language skills, mimic new sounds and embrace learning through play.

Enhances Future Career Opportunities

Ultimately, we want to give our kids the best possible start to a future, with a world of opportunity at their feet. Learning Spanish at our after school clubs will help them navigate an ever increasing global society, with enhanced career opportunities and a wider, more colourful spectrum to form connections. Did you know Spanish is the mother tongue of approximately 350 million people in 21 countries? In fact, the British Council recently ranked Spanish as the most important second language for British citizens to learn, placing it ahead of French, Arabic and Mandarin. This means your child will be learning at our Spanish clubs what is actually a crucial language in today’s world, significantly increasing the amount of job opportunities available when they eventually make that big step into the world of work.

Boosts Language Development in Children’s Native Tongue

It may surprise you to know, but learning a new language actually impacts language development in children’s native tongue. So, your child can pick up a new language - Spanish, let’s say! But whilst they’re learning a new language, they’ll simultaneously strengthen their grasp of English.

  • Agnieszka Cinari
    Laura is a great teacher, she always tries to engage all children. It’s quite hard when they are so little. My son is 3.5 years old. Although my son doesn’t say much at a lesson, when he comes home he is able to say what he has learnt. I would recommend HeySpanish .
    Agnieszka Cinari
  • Roisin Quinn
    Laura is an excellent teacher, she engages the children well through music and games. Our daughter enjoys the class and regularly sings Spanish songs from the class... would recommend this class
    Roisin Quinn
  • - Clara Perez
    My daughter really enjoys the Spanish classes. It's an interesting, fun and supportive learning environment. My daughter absolutely loves the song from the after school Spanish club and keeps singing them at home. The teacher is extremely patient, encouraging and truly makes learning enjoyable. This club has definitely helped my daughter gain confidence when speaking in Spanish.
    - Clara Perez
  • - Jamilia.K
    My son attends the after school Spanish club and he absolutely loves it and he is making great progress. Laura is an amazing teacher and truly makes the session enjoyable for kids. I would definitely recommend without hesitation! My daughter will join soon. I wish I could too.
    - Jamilia.K
  • - Fatima Bee
    A great Spanish class with great teachers. My son thoroughly enjoys the lessons. I would highly recommend this after school Spanish club to anyone.
    - Fatima Bee

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