Spanish Classes for Kids

At HeySpanish, we believe in the countless benefits that studying a foreign language at a young age can give to your child. Our Spanish classes for kids are engaging and fun and have a natural and inspiring approach to learning, in order to promote confidence and develop cognitive skills that are so important for your child's academic future.

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Why Choose a HeySpanish Club?

Brilliant Teachers

All our teachers are native Spanish-speaking,qualified, insured, full trained and have their DBS. They are passionate about motivating a new generation of baby Spanish speakers!

Supporting All Learners

Our teachers are also experienced in working with a variety of needs and abilities, with a whole team dedicated to supporting them in order to support our learners and to make the learning process enjoyable for everyone.

Dynamic & Structured

Our Spanish classes for kids are always held in small groups, so we can give each child care and attention. HeySpanish has an immersive, yet structured approach of teaching Spanish learners. We love to encourage our students by engaging all of their senses.

Specialists in Our Field

We took the best elements of traditional classes and combined it with our own specialist knowledge, research; tons of love, respect for children; and our endless passion for creating a Spanish speaking community!

Flexible Schedule

Teachers are available every day Monday - Sunday, with Spanish classes starting all throughout the term. We also offer private Spanish classes for kids, so there’s always a tailored option for your child.

Sparking Creativity and Developing Tiny Learning Buds

It’s hard to imagine our kids can be even more creative than they are now, as they’re already brimming with so much creativity and unbridled imagination. But learning a new language is actually known to boost creativity. Strangely, the more your child develops their new language capabilities, the greater they’ll be at inventing new creative ideas for language learning. Essentially like an amazing feedback loop that continually helps them continually improve their language learning over time. Our Spanish classes for kids will also help increase children’s creativity, in terms of their ability to describe and understand different things. A word in another language often won’t translate literally back into your child’s native tongue. That’s why learning Spanish is a lovely way for them to flex their creativity and discover how to say things in a new way.

Longitudinal studies by Harvard University confirm that learning additional languages increases critical thinking skills, creativity and flexibility of the mind in young children. Click here to read more about this study.

Spanish classes for kidsKids having fun at our affordable after school clubs

Stimulating Plenty of Family Laughing Time!

Kids do the funniest things. It simply isn’t possible for them to make us chuckle more than they already do, right?.. Wrong! Humour often gets lost in translation, as the jokes we find funny in English might not be as funny in another language. Your child having access to a new language, means they’ll access a new sense of humour, too. Another brilliant way to develop socially, form bonds later in life and bring a little extra joy.

Click here to learn more about how learning a new language shapes the way we think.

Children studying SpanishChildren enjoying our Spanish class for kids

Our Programmes

Toddler Programme

Suitable for babies up to 3 years of age. It’s a music and multi-sensory class using signs, actions, and a heavy helping of Spanish pizzazz! Toddlers and parents learn the language together with songs and interactive games. Introducing this early in the crucial stages of a child’s development, means children can easily stay open to particular sounds of the Spanish language. But it’s not just the language learning playing an important role - it’s also the way we support children’s general development in all areas of learning. We encourage development across the six areas of learning: personal, social and emotional development; communication and literacy; reasoning and numeracy; knowledge and understanding of the world; physical development and creative development. We do this by teaching Spanish through storytelling, arts and crafts, movement activities, matching and categorising, music, sign language, puppets, sensory exploration and more. This is an incredibly valuable experience for children, and even provides an opportunity to create friendships with like-minded families. If you’d like to set up a class in your area, we’ll work with you to achieve that!

baby reading a book in a nursery

Preschoolers Programme

These Spanish classes for kids are packed with songs, lively games, story-telling, drama and a lovely dose of imagination to bring the language to life and inspire our little learners. Our teaching method immerses children in the language through stories and songs, with books that are actually used in Spain and Latin America to teach children! We explore the language in these books through a wide range of activities that ensure children are kept engaged and eager to learn. Children get to experience all the classic stories, traditional games, snappy songs and activities that every child growing up in Spanish speaking countries do.

children singing and having funchildren playing while learning Spanish

Junior Programme

This programme is suitable for children from 6-12 years of age. It’s a fun focussed language experience encouraging structured and independent learning through games, role play and music and drama. Children start to explore the world of reading and writing in Spanish, along with simple grammar rules, through a host of games and purposeful material. This programme provides more concrete classes based on certain projects, and we provide resources to teach children grammar, reading and writing through play and simple explanations. However, we still ensure the learning environment is centred on action. We implore a ‘make and we do’ method to teach. So Spanish is never simply a subject learn, but a tool for communication they grow to use. This is the most effective way to learn any language - actively and not passively!

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  • Agnieszka Cinari
    Laura is a great teacher, she always tries to engage all children. It’s quite hard when they are so little. My son is 3.5 years old. Although my son doesn’t say much at a lesson, when he comes home he is able to say what he has learnt. I would recommend HeySpanish .
    Agnieszka Cinari
  • Roisin Quinn
    Laura is an excellent teacher, she engages the children well through music and games. Our daughter enjoys the class and regularly sings Spanish songs from the class... would recommend this class
    Roisin Quinn
  • - Clara Perez
    My daughter really enjoys the Spanish classes. It's an interesting, fun and supportive learning environment. My daughter absolutely loves the song from the after school Spanish club and keeps singing them at home. The teacher is extremely patient, encouraging and truly makes learning enjoyable. This club has definitely helped my daughter gain confidence when speaking in Spanish.
    - Clara Perez
  • - Jamilia.K
    My son attends the after school Spanish club and he absolutely loves it and he is making great progress. Laura is an amazing teacher and truly makes the session enjoyable for kids. I would definitely recommend without hesitation! My daughter will join soon. I wish I could too.
    - Jamilia.K
  • - Fatima Bee
    A great Spanish class with great teachers. My son thoroughly enjoys the lessons. I would highly recommend this after school Spanish club to anyone.
    - Fatima Bee

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