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What to Expect in the Lessons

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Music and Songs

Our lessons incorporate plenty of music and original songs so children have as much fun as possible while learning! All of our catchy songs are available to listen to on YouTube and Spotify to keep the fun going between lessons!


Children are completely engaged in our lessons thanks to our lively storytelling, with puppets like Pepe the Parrot encouraging them along the way. Our stories help to introduce new vocabulary with visual aids to reinforce learning.


We love to play games in our lessons so at this age, children begin to associate learning Spanish with a fun activity to do; playing with their peers, allowing them to cultivate their love for learning and building their social and emotional skills, too.


If your little language learners would like to enjoy some more, fun and free activities, head to our "Resources" page for plenty of vocabulary exercises for your 3-6 year olds, which you can either print off at home or complete digitally!

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Immersive Lessons

Immersive lessons are carried out only in Spanish, for children with some prior understanding of the language. They are the best option for children that already understand Spanish but need to expand their vocabulary, feel more confident and learn reading and writing rules.

Dual Language

Dual language lessons are carried out in both English and Spanish, aimed at children who are beginning their Spanish learning. They are the best option for children that have a very little or no knowledge and want to learn basic vocabulary and grammar in a fun way.

Keep the fun going at home!

See how much our little language learners enjoy our lessons and keep up to date with the latest news and events over on our Instagram. Check out all of our original songs and stories over on our YouTube channel, and access all of our free resources here.