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What to Expect in the Lessons

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Music and Songs

Our lessons incorporate plenty of music and original songs so children have as much fun as possible while learning! All of our catchy songs are available to listen to on YouTube and Spotify to keep the fun going between lessons!


We love to play games in our lessons so at this age, children begin to associate learning Spanish with a fun activity to do; playing with their peers, allowing them to cultivate their love for learning and building their social and emotional skills, too.
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We have now split our immersive lessons into two different types, to ensure children are getting the most out of their learning. You can now choose between conversation-focused or reading, writing and grammar-focused lessons.
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Reading Club

Children are now able to join our Reading Club! Each month we will send you an original HeySpanish story to read, then once a month we will meet in small groups to complete some fun activities and quizzes. Choose it as an "add-on" at the checkout!

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Conversation & Vocabulary (Introduction to Reading, Writing and Grammar)

These lessons are perfect for children that understand Spanish but don't feel confident speaking it.

Reading, Writing and Grammar

These lessons are perfect for children that understand Spanish and speak it but need to expand their vocabulary and practise reading, writing and grammar with fun activities.

Dual Language Lessons

These lessons are in English and Spanish for children that know the basics or that are starting to learn the language.

Keep the fun going at home!

See how much our little language learners enjoy our lessons and keep up to date with the latest news and events over on our Instagram. Check out all of our original songs and stories over on our YouTube channel, and access all of our free resources here.