Summer Activities To Do at Home!

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Tips to Incorporate Languages at Home
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Summer Activities To Do at Home!

Summer Activities Tray Play

(Photo by Suzanne via @TrayPlay_Fun)

The summer holidays are finally here! Whilst we have already been at home for months, now is finally the time to wind-down, relax and enjoy the weather whilst also having fun with summer activities.

Sadly, this may not be the action-packed summer holiday that we were all hoping for. But it is still important to make the most of the holiday and to inspire you we have collated a list of lively and enjoyable summer activities for you to do at home. From baking to dancing, there is bound to be something that you will enjoy!

1. Bake Away the Day!

Who doesn’t love a bit of baking? (Especially when you get to lick the mixture off the spoon and bowl after)! Knowing that you have baked something yourself always makes it taste so much nicer and it’s always such a rewarding activity.

One of our favourite Spanish bakes is something called a ‘Magdalena’ - we’re sure you have seen them before! They are a lovely light and fluffy muffin and have a great lemon taste.

They are also so easy to make! So why not follow this great recipe that we absolutely love?

Baking Magdalena Summer Activities

2. Tray Play

A new trend that everyone is loving at the moment is ‘Tray Play’, and we're sure you'll be adding it to your list of summer activities after reading this! The premise is super simple - you place various items onto a tray for your child to play with (check out the image below for a better idea). It both encourages them to take part in sensory play whilst also allowing them to explore and create. What’s more, it’s really easy to clean and tidy away and can be reused again and again.

One person who knows everything there is to know about Tray Play is Suzanne. Suzanne has worked in childcare for over eighteen years and has a three year old for whom she makes incredible Tray Play ideas, which you can check out on her Instagram account @TrayPlay_Fun - the pictures below are just one example of her many amazing creations!

(Photos by Suzanne via @TrayPlay_Fun)

Speaking about the above creations, Suzanne says that the Dinosaur eggs is “ baking soda mixed with a little coloured water. [They are] packed around a little dinosaur, then left for 24 hours to dry and go hard. Then Seb [her son] used pipettes of vinegar to find the dinosaurs.”

“He loves doing activities like this. Early science, experimenting and finding out about things. The trays help him express his own ideas. I set it up and leave him to play with it however he likes. Sometimes it goes a completely different way to how I thought it would. These trays help him learn in a fun way. His language has come on brilliantly since we started exploring these.”

“I’m a firm believer that this time is for them to explore, create, discover and get messy. Seeing a child discover something fascinating and new is the best. Watching their face as they drip vinegar on the egg and it starts to fizz, seeing the excitement and wonder in their eyes is a great feeling.”

We have come up with our own Spanish themed Tray Play idea! Dye rice grains yellow and mix with dried peas and sunflower seeds (or any kind of dried seeds) and add into your pan. Using any red material you can find, such as an old top or pieces of felt, cut out small rectangles and add these to the top and voila! You have a Paella themed Tray Play! Why not get your children to sift through the rice to separate all the peas and sunflower seeds into different piles as a fun activity?

Summer Activities Paella Tray Play

3. Join our Online Spanish Classes

Here at HeySpanish, we have a simple mission: To make learning fun. From our amazing teacher Laura who always brings an infectious happy atmosphere to each lesson to our original songs which all the children love singing along to. Each lesson is guaranteed to make you smile - and you will be learning Spanish without even knowing it!

We run online Spanish lessons every single day of the week - so if you’re ever stuck for things to do this summer, you can always join us in our lessons! Check out this cute clip from one of our lessons below:

Interested? Book a trial lesson today by following this link and you will be able to see what a great time we all have!

4. HeySpanish Resources

At HeySpanish, we have created our own super fun and interactive activities for children to enjoy. What’s more, they are all free and you can access them easily by following this link!

To celebrate the launch of our book ‘Learn Spanish with Pepe’ we created great activities for children to have a go at. From painting by numbers, to learning choreography and singing songs you are bound to have hours and hours of fun!

5. Bug Hunt

Given the fact that we all have been staying in our houses for much longer than usual we may start to feel as if there is nothing more to possibly do as summer activities! We have repainted all the walls, baked a lot of banana bread and cleaned the house top to bottom a hundred times over.

But one place we may forget from time to time are our gardens. Whether it’s big or small, or you just have a few house plants, there is a whole other world hidden away in plants! From tiny little bugs to bumblebees and butterflies, you are bound to have a load of fun discovering a whole new world. Why not go on a bug hunt to try and find as many bugs as you can whilst enjoying the sunshine at the same time?

Check out this link for a great bug hunt checklist!

Summer Activities Bug Hunt

6. Have a Picnic

Summer brings plenty of warmth and sunshine and what a better way to enjoy this than having a picnic outside! Whether it’s in your garden or out in the local park eating al fresco is always fun! You can also bring along a frisbee or a ball and play games together for hours of entertainment. So pack your sandwiches and drink - and don’t forget the lovely madeleine cakes that you baked earlier - and get ready for plenty of fun with this great summer activity!

Summer Activities Picnic

All of our ideas are super easy and won't take much time to do - which is why we thought they would be perfect for you! Times may still be strange and hard, but by continuing to enjoy ourselves and allow our children to have fun with these summer activities, we can make the best out of a bad situation.

Do you have any other ideas to keep the children amused this summer? If so make sure to leave a comment down below to let us know!

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