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Apply to become a HeySpanish teacher today! We're always looking forward to meeting talented teachers. If you've got and passion for teaching and love children, fill in the form below. We can't wait to hear from you!

About HeySpanish

We’re passionate about keeping things interesting, and also being able to connect children from all across the world to form a thriving community, so that’s why we teach Spanish the fun way. Our lessons are taught using engaging and interactive techniques, through mediums such as storytelling, music, drama, games and more! We cover a wide range of useful topics applicable to real world scenarios, so children simply focus on having fun and developing their love for learning.

Our Teachers

We take the utmost pride in having the most dedicated, trained, CRB vetted, and native Spanish speaking teachers. Our team are passionate about teaching children the wonders of learning a language, and include English in our Dual Language lessons to enhance communication. Through the HeySpanish way, your little learners don't experience the typical frustrations of learning a new language, thanks to our brilliant team of teachers. Join us today!

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