Online Spanish Classes for Children

Experience Bilingual Magic From Home With Our Online Spanish Classes for Children aged 3-12


In our lessons your children will learn and practice Spanish at home through singing, dancing, storytelling and games! These classes, available at both beginner and advanced levels, are held live by our top bilingual teachers who will enchant your child while increasing their vocabulary and celebrating diversity!

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Welcome to HeySpanish

We teach Spanish through various fun and interactive techniques and every week we cover different topics.

Our classes are split into three age groups: 3-6, 7-10 and 10-12 year olds so the learning is always age-appropriate. Additionally, we teach dual language classes, conducted in English and Spanish, as well as immersive lessons, conducted entirely in Spanish.

We will also give you all the materials for the lessons and our songs can be found on our YouTube channel.

Please note, we record all the lessons so that if our students miss a class they can catch up. We never post any of this content unless we have your permission. Please make sure you're ok with this before you make your booking.

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Why choose HeySpanish?

We're so happy that our parents have left us some wonderful feedback about our lessons and their child's
progress with HeySpanish.

  • Alma Olguin
    It has been a success, my daughter has several weeks taken the class and is very happy with the activities she is doing. I'm so proud and grateful with HeySpanish, because I can see how she improves her level and now I'm surprised with things I didn't know she knew. On the other hand, he's also learning what I wouldn't be able to explain (grammar, reading, writing... ) so it's perfect, I really recommend it for being a very different and fun method.
    Alma Olguin
  • Esther Pons
    Highly recommend them ❤️ My daughter loves her lesson and has learned so much. When she first started she didn’t speak any Spanish, now she is able to communicate with my family in Spain without the need of me translating all the time.
    Esther Pons
  • Patricia Healy
    The online classes are very entertaining and educational. My kids (age 8 and 10) are speaking and writing more in Spanish now.The teachers are excellent and the resources they use are innovative. I definitely recommend the classes.
    Patricia Healy
  • Ana Perez
    My son has been attending the classes for a few weeks and he loves them. They are creative, fun and entertaining but the most important thing is that the kids are learning without realising it. The teacher is really good and keeps the kids engaged throughout the class. He was a bit shy of speaking or reading Spanish but he has improved his confidence a lot. I am really happy to have found these classes and I would recommend them to any parents looking at improving their children’s Spanish.
    Ana Perez
  • Laura - Parent
    We really like the way it works on Zoom. Laura and Lucia do it fantastically. Very good organisation and communication. My daughter really enjoys the classes.
    Laura - Parent
  • Anabela - Parent
    The teacher does a great job and tries to balance time with each child brilliantly. The introduction of concepts and new words into stories is also really great.
    Anabela - Parent
  • Agnieszka Cinari - Parent
    Laura is a great teacher, she always tries to engage all children. It’s quite hard when they are so little. My son is 3.5 years old. Although my son doesn’t say much at a lesson, when he comes home he is able to say what he has learnt. I would recommend HeySpanish .
    Agnieszka Cinari - Parent
  • Roisin Quinn - Parent
    Laura is an excellent teacher, she engages the children well through music and games. Our daughter enjoys the class and regularly sings Spanish songs from the class... would recommend this class
    Roisin Quinn - Parent
  • Clara Perez - Parent
    My daughter really enjoys the Spanish classes. It's an interesting, fun and supportive learning environment. My daughter absolutely loves the song from the after school Spanish club and keeps singing them at home. The teacher is extremely patient, encouraging and truly makes learning enjoyable. This club has definitely helped my daughter gain confidence when speaking in Spanish.
    Clara Perez - Parent
  • Jamilia.K - Parent
    My son attends the after school Spanish club and he absolutely loves it and he is making great progress. Laura is an amazing teacher and truly makes the session enjoyable for kids. I would definitely recommend without hesitation! My daughter will join soon. I wish I could too.
    Jamilia.K - Parent
  • Fatima Bee - Parent
    A great Spanish class with great teachers. My son thoroughly enjoys the lessons. I would highly recommend this after school Spanish club to anyone.
    Fatima Bee - Parent

How it Works

Choose a Group

Choose whether you prefer to attend to our immersive or dual language lessons.

Book a Trial

Book a trial class so you can enjoy one of our fun online sessions.

Get Ready

You will need to make sure you have downloaded the Zoom app before the session.

Join a Class!

Choose the course that is most suited to your child, and join HeySpanish!

Beginner and Advanced Groups


Dual Language Lessons

These lessons are carried out in English and Spanish, for 3-10 year olds. They are the best option for beginners or for children that have a very basic knowledge and want to learn basic vocabulary and grammar in a fun way.

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Immersive Lessons

These lessons are carried out only in Spanish, for 3-12 year olds. They are the best option for children that already understand Spanish but need to expand their vocabulary, feel more confident, learn grammar and writing rules.

What Happens in Our Online Classes?

In our online classes, children learn Spanish the fun way! We are always singing, dancing, telling stories and much more. Using the HeySpanish method, children associate language learning with being a fun activity, and can focus on developing their love for learning. In our classes, kids interact in Spanish with other children their age, increasing their vocabulary and making them feel more and more comfortable speaking the language.

Why Online?

We first decided to move our lessons online in response to lockdown in 2020, but soon realised there were so many benefits to having our Spanish classes take place on Zoom. It works for us, but most importantly it works for our parents and their brilliant little language learners. Zoom is completely secure to use, and you can find out more in our FAQs.

More Convenient

Children can access online lessons from the comfort of their own home, and being non-location specific, we can reach more children, too!

Cultural Benefits

Children get to practise Spanish with those from other countries thanks to our online classes, fostering a valuable exchange of cultures.

Better Value

Online lessons mean lower costs and less travelling, so we can focus on providing the highest quality lessons at competitive prices.

Native Teachers

Being online, we have access to the most dedicated and qualified teachers from across the Spanish-speaking world.

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Ages 3-6 Ages 7-9
Ages 10-12

Join our Spanish Speaking Community

Would you like to be connected to other bilingual families and parents in our network, to access even more content, tips and advice?

We have created a Facebook group where we will share with you all our news in a more personal and easier way. In addition to that, you can also share with us, and the other families, ideas, activities, tips and problems that you may have encountered as either a bilingual family or a parent of a child learning Spanish.

We welcome all parents to become a part of our community, just bear in mind the main language of communication is Spanish!

Enseñando Español a tus hijos

Join our Group

Recently, Laura from the HeySpanish team had the pleasure of interviewing four mothers of students in our Advanced (Immersive) Spanish language lessons. It's so important to us that we keep an open line of communication with the parents to find out what they enjoy and what we could improve.

Some of the questions posed to them included: "What do you think about the classes being online? Is this an advantage or disadvantage for you?" and "What would you tell other bilingual families about our classes?". We have been amazed at the answers they have given us. From HeySpanish, we want to thank them very much for the interview. You can watch the full video here.

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1My child doesn't speak Spanish. Is that a problem?
Not at all! Our dual language lessons are 100% beginner friendly so don't worry if your child hasn't studied any Spanish before. Our classes are designed so every child feels integrated and learns at their own pace.
2My child understands Spanish but doesn't speak it. Can they take part in classes?
Of course! Your child may be more suited to the immersive lessons. They will soon feel at ease speaking and interacting with other children their age. This is a worry that many parents have, but your child will feel comfortable speaking Spanish in class seeing other children also participating in the language.
3What is the best age to start classes?
We recommend that children start from 3 years old and up. However, if you child is younger than 3, we encourage that you book a trial class first. Some children below the age of 3 are more than capable of paying attention and participating in classes, and we have accommodated this before.
4Is ZOOM.US safe for children?
Yes, it's incredibly secure. By default your microphone and video will be off. We think, though, that having the video on enhances the learning experience so the teacher can interact with your kids, therefore we recommend to activate it as soon as you join the meeting. Nevertheless, how your camera behaves is a feature you will always be able to control from the ZOOM.US app and you can turn it on and off as you wish through the class.
5Do you record your classes?
We record all the lessons so that if our students miss a class they can catch up with the recording. In the recording appears the teacher and the students when they participate. If you don't want your children to appear in the recording, you can switch off your camera. We don't post any of this content unless we have permission. Please make sure you're ok with this before you make your booking.
6Do you offer discount for siblings?
Yes, we offer a discount for siblings attending the same group. You can add one of the siblings as an "extra" when booking to apply the discount. We don't offer discount for siblings in trial classes.
7If my child misses a class, how can they catch up?
We aren't able to make up the time individually but please send us an email if you do miss a class, and we will be able to send you the recording of that class.
8How can I access the resources?
Once the course of lessons has started, you will receive an email with all of the resources you need.
9How many children are in each class?
In the 3-6 age group classes, there is a maximum of 10 children in each class, and for age 7-10, there is a maximum of 6 per class.
10My child isn't quite 3 yet, can they still join the 3-6 class?
If your child is younger than 3, we encourage you to book a trial class for the age 3-6 group. We have had several younger children before that have loved the classes, and we are also currently working to facilitate other age groups. Please send an email to info@heyspanish.com or follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with our latest news.
11I can't make any of the current class times, will you be setting up any other groups?
Yes, we frequently set up new groups. If the current times don't suit you, please send us a message with your preferred times and we will let you know when we have a group compatible with your schedule.
12Do you offer a discount for attending more than one class per week?
Yes, we offer a 10% discount for any additional days. Please use the code HS10 when booking more than one class per week.

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